Being Disliked:

     There is nothing quite like having to be around someone you absolutely know can't stand you.

     If that has never happened to you, you should be concerned that you are too much of a people pleaser.

     As a Soldier of The Cross, you are committed to obey Him no matter what, and that will annoy some folks.

     It is a foolish myth that people will  hate Christians only because we hold to the Faith.  I have certainly met a number of Christians who were so obnoxious, I was amazed lightening didn't strike them!

     The real issue is how are you going to relate to the person at work or at church, or even in your family, who you know would prefer to never see you again?  Yet, you must be around this individual.  And, to make it worse, it is  not because if any conflict you have had, it simply appears to be a personality conflict.

    Invariably, this is someone who speaks against you to at least one other person.   There is nothing you can do right.

     Firstly, I would call this person an enemy and pray for them as such.  I believe the biblical principle of praying for our enemies sheds light on the real issue and deactivates our own reaction to being disliked.

     Listen to me:  there is no such thing as a personality conflict.  It is a matter of a lack of lubrication, and that is a spiritual matter.

     Prayer protects you against the flesh reacting, resenting and imagining.  Prayer takes the core out of any effect the other one has on you.  Prayer opens the door for God's creativity in the situation.

     I do not encourage you to always go after the other person to make things right.  There are some who are so influenced by the enemy,  you are better off staying away. 

     But because you have crossed that line when you told the Lord He could do anything with your life, you became a Soldier of The Cross, and that means you are in ministry.    Even if you are in prison.  Or if you are  house bound.  Or if you are raising 12 children. Or if you are roofing houses every day.  You are in ministry and do  not forget it!

     Take this matter to Him, and be completely open for anything.  Review the verses.  Remember there is an enemy who loves to use Christians against Christians.  It's his favorite thing.

     We cannot be occupied with these things.  There is so much to do and time is short.

     Take it to Him aloud.    And listen.