Moving On:

     It is not possible to fix everything. 

     There is much to do and many are in both physical and spiritual need.

     The enemy is in the business of distraction, and most of us are much too easily distracted.  Of course we must deal with circumstances, but far too often the mind spins and gets sucked into the quicksand of the matter that cannot be immediately fixed.

     It is important to take it to Him and to address Him aloud.  This is because you must choose words instead of starting with specifics and wandering off into wool-gathering after a few seconds.

     You may go about your business and still be haunted.  But the Indwelling Holy Spirit will graciously remind you that underneath are The Everlasting Arms.  And that He has already resolved it - it just needs to play out.

     You are a Soldier of The Cross.  It means following hard after Him, and not stopping to look back.

     Do what you can and leave it with Him.  Do the next thing and sing.  It doesn't matter that you don't feel like singing. Do it anyway.  You can govern your body, your countenance and your thoughts.

     Tall Him aloud.  Today.

      Then, look up and move on!