Plodding On:

     Lord, as I stand before you tonight, I want to say aloud to you again that you can do anything you want with my life. 

     Please do anything and everything in me to make me more like you.  I know this will cost, and I know I won't like it when it happens.  Nonetheless, i want you more than anything.

     Oh, Lord, I am so burdened about the one who has strayed so far from you and is veering off in such a destructive vector.   By faith now, I give her up to you and ask that the Holy Spirit would remind me to govern my thoughts about her life.  Please lead me in how to pray for her.

     Lord, so much is flying about, but I tell you I am determined to have my being in you and nothing else. 

     Thank you so much for your Word. Please let me see and hear you more quickly and more clearly.

     My Lord and my God.