Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

      There is a great deal to be said for plodding. Those who know me well have heard me often say that one ought to make the bed absolutely every day. There is a minimum of activity that should and must take place.
     I remember hearing Elisabeth Elliot say once that if you have no prayer time, folks can tell. If you have a prayer time, it doesn't call attention to itself - sort of like doing your dishes. If they are undone, there will be a big pile. If the dishes are washed, it simply isn't an issue.
      "Ye have not because ye ask not."   Not too complicated, is it?
      It is easy to set up a howl about being too busy, but I have never met anyone in the West who was too busy to brush his teeth. I have certainly never met anyone too busy to complain.
     Folks do the things that they think really ought to be done. Our schedules are made up of things that we have chosen to do or neglect. We have enormous control of our time, and are in constant denial about our prayer lives.
     There is work to be done. That is all there is to it.
     Don't wait until you feel like it. We would all say that we know prayer is important. Most are quick to profess that prayer changes things.
     How many people do you know who might actually pray each day? Not many.
     We'd better get busy. No excuse!!.


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