Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        We should all be involved in missions. A person doesn't need to wait to be invited before getting aggressive about the Great Commission.
     Missionaries need prayer, money, and to be physically visited and helped.
     Before you get revved up for the days of shopping between now and Christmas, pray about the money you are about to spend. Don't just go out the way the world does, looking to buy. Consider the giving of the season in prayer.
     I have visited a number of missionaries in difficult places who have with joy and gladness eaten Christmas dinners that you and I could hardly choke down. I have seen them get excited over a box of jello sent as a present.
      It is sentimentality that jibes us into buying too much, but it is obedience to the Word of God that will bring balance.
     Christmas is about the Gift of a Person. Set aside a big wad for the missionaries!!


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