Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

       All scripture has more than one application. There is a historical application, there is an application to the Body of Christ, and there is an application to the individual. Many times the problem with "Bible education" is that those who have studied much, tell others what to believe.
       The opposite problem arises when folks get all gooey and flap around, saying that God has told them this or that about a particular passage, but it is taken totally out of context and is out of whack with the rest of the Word.
     Both present a problem.
     We need to know how to approach God's Word.
     First, there should be confession of sin, and then a deep plea for the Holy Spirit to reveal the things that are hidden. We need to see Jesus.
     Countless times I have heard educated men go on and on with detailed information about the Bible, but their eyeballs are stuck in the bark of the trees and they have missed the forest.
     I see red when someone brings out the game "Bible Trivial Pursuit". There is no trivia in the Word of God and someone who can answer every question correctly usually thinks he knows something.
   We need to know what we want from the Bible. We need to see Jesus. We need to be equipped to recognize the Lord, fight the enemy, and feed the sheep.
     Prayer brings to the front the truths the Lord has for us each day. As different passages are being studied, it is still essential to, at the same time, be going through the books of the Bible in order. Be sure that all of your time in the Bible is not trapped in one of those "Bible in a year" programs that guarantee you will never read more than a few verses consecutively.
     We need to be Spirit led through the Word of God - everything by prayer!


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