Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

     Are you aware of where your loyalties are? Have you decided?
     Actually we make choices that begin when we are little, and the choices take directions. From the outside of someone's life, it is pretty easy to see where a person's allegiance is.
     As a Blood-bought believer, my loyalty must be to the One Who bought me, and no one and nothing else. The living out of that decision is supernatural, and I must have the indwelling Holy Spirit, or I will crash and burn.
     In this age when there is so much written and recorded about the Holy Spirit, the Church seems to know and experience less than it ever did. Writhing around barking like a dog may be from some spirit, but it is definitely not from the Holy Spirit. Speaking in other tongues may or may not be from the Holy Spirit. I have witnessed this when it was definitely from the Lord, and I have more often witnessed it when it was not.
     When the rubber meets the road in the nitty gritty bothersome things of life, only the personal ministry of the Holy Spirit of God empowers the Christian to choose God's way instead of his. Those are the times when loyalty must turn us away from personal preference and the need to fulfill the flesh so that we can choose the thing that pleases God.
      That is the real issue, isn't it? Am I willing to spend the days of my life pleasing God instead of myself?
     Lord, please so fill me with the Spirit that I can be easily moved by you. I want to be a soldier in the army of the King, and leave behind the entanglement of the affairs of every day life. I plead to be transformed into your likeness.
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