Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

      Today I have noticed that all of my private students have been in outer space. By this I mean that they have been doing things that they never do, and they have been squeaking and squawking in musical passages that they usually play perfectly.
     They all displayed this brain-death, and on the same day! I can't explain it, but I have noticed that in life things come in cycles. It would be tempting to analyze it, and figure out a way to avoid a repetition of the day. But when the root of a dust storm is not evident, I must either pray for sight or let it go.
     I pray for sight when I am troubled or have the sense that there is something that is unseen that when corrected will bring order or healing. If that is not the case, I must not be distracted by things that are not important.
     I have learned that the labeling of behavior can be fascinating, and Christians waste a lot of time and energy talking, reading, and puzzling about things that we will only learn about in eternity.
     Psychology is the study of the old nature, and I am interested in the new nature - God's nature that causes the believer to become more and more like Him.
     If my teaching studio produces Frankenstein bassoonists or axe murderers, I must beg the Lord for insight. Otherwise, I will plow on. These days are rare, and when they happen, it is like a little storm.
     Have you figured out the weather? Of course not. There are some things that are and will remain mysteries. In heaven we will have a lot of non-time to figure them out.
    In the meantime, I will not be distracted.
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