Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        During a dinner break between symphony concerts the other night I shriveled with embarassment as another musician and I walked through Portland's Old Port.
     We had just been eating salads and I had been talking about
when I had been born again. I was sharing the validity of my salvation experience when we heard some unbelievable shouting.
    We crossed the intersection and there were four men shouting at the shoppers, preaching at them in an unloving manner and then singing "worship" songs (as opposed to hymns).
      My first thought was that I was horrified that anyone would think that shouting condemnation would be winsome. But then I realized that the Lord is secure. He had heard our dinner conversation, and He was not worried. He knew before I was born that this would be happening, and I needed to see the Lord would use this however He wanted.
     What release there is in submitting to the sovereignty of God!
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