Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        Our God is not a sensational God. He does not attract followers by giving riches or health. He does not write telegrams in the sky to reveal His will, and He while He often uses the most unlikely messenger, His message is always simple and points to eternity - not to getting things smooth now.
     No matter what the Lord does to reveal Himself, His basic chosen way is through His word and the love of His people. He does not contradict Himself or go against His own purposes.
     When someone tells you he wants the Holy Spirit, what does He really want? Does he want to overflow with sacrificial love as a result of the One who speaks in a still small voice, or does he want to be part of a spectacular movement?
     Maybe he doesn't want the Holy Spirit at all, but is using those words as a synonym for the happenings that he wants to duplicate.
Remember that the Lord does not copycat Himself. There is nothing in the Bible that happened the same way two times.
      Dare to be a Daniel. Dare to stand alone - humanly. But stand before the living God who wants to fill us, ignite us, and use us. And no one will notice, except those who are filled, ignited, and used!
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