Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

       There is no such thing as personal power. There is the thing that Watchman Nee calls "soul-power", and that is a certain force that an individual develops in the executing of affairs. The "soul-power" often is the element behind cults and cult-like leaders. Other times the power is demonic.
     But the Bible teaches us that man is basically helpless, and that while he has been given free will, even the tiny events of his life are ordered by God, and no one can add so much as a second to his life.
     I have been getting New Year's cards about personal power, and the need to "just believe" and everything will be ok - the power we all possess to make things happen,
     The Bible says that only when I have been so touched by God that I acknowledge the reality of my weakness and His strength, only then can I even pray with accuracy and the assurance that God will do as I have asked.
       Power in prayer is the absolute only kind of power a Christian should be interested in. Even a speaker should not seek power in speaking or in moving the listeners, but should be begging (in prayer) that the Lord would teach him to get out of the way so that the Holy Spirit can minister in Divine power.
     Many have the wrong idea today.
     It must always get back to what does the Bible teach?
     God's power is not felt in the human personality - rather He Himself is seen in human lives.
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