Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        The fight is on, Brothers!!! And only those who realize it will taste victory and know what it means to serve the Lord.
      There is a huge difference between those who try with all their might to live as a Christian should, and those who yield themselves to be used as soldiers in the army of the One who never looses, and who will display His soldiers rather than using them up.
     Let us not be distracted by human faults, whisperings of unseen enemies, or our own feelings of uselessness and despair.
     There is a good reason we have not been allowed to se with our human eyes the things that are unseen - because only faith can conquer! Faith is the moving ahead or the waiting behind, just because God has said. Only faith uses the sling shot instead of physical armor.
     A soldier must deal with the immediate order. Is an order to fight better than an order to wait? I think not. The One in charge sees the tactics of the enemy, and the battle cannot be won if each soldier must know the whole plan.
     God is looking for Spirit-filled, Spirit-controlled, Spirit-led soldiers to fill the ranks of the army of the living God. We know the angels fight many of the unseen battles, but the Bible tells us that we must remember that we are in service to Him, and we may not be entangled in the affairs of everyday life.
      Lord, I don't pretend to understand much, but I do know that being a soldier in your army is a central desire of my heart. I want to know you, love you, recognize you, and serve you. I step over the line! I volunteer - for anything you can use me for. Please change me in any way to make me more useful as a soldier of the Cross.
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