Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        Christ in me, the Hope of Glory.
      There is no other glory. I must be constantly reminded that there is nothing I can do of myself to bring about the glory of God. Paul's statement about the believer dying daily is a must to bring into the mind regularly.
      My life is not about my activities, or my past, or what people around me think of me. My life must be about my Savior. He must be in my thoughts all day and His purposes must be my agenda.
      The Bible says that each word I say must be carefully chosen and must be for His glory and His purposes and not my own vindication or need to manipulate.
      There is little today being said about living a holy life. There is much being said about getting everything just right - marriage, finance, and the church educational system.
     Heaven help us! We need believers again who are willing to fall prostrate at the feet of the :Lord and beg to be broken and passed out for the Gory of God.
     Christ in me - the Hope of Glory.
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