Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        Much has been said about the persecuted church in reference to places where Christianity is either illegal or seen as a political threat. There are certainly wonderful and inspiring stories about those who have either died or narrowly escaped death because of the faith. All should read them.
     But. . .
     Do not forget that you have an unseen enemy whose plan for you is so insidious that you would find it hard to believe. He has watched you from birth, and he knows you well. He has assigned at least one evil being to flow you around to report and taunt you.
     Your enemy is not just interested in killing you, he is interested in your suffering and in aiding you to display rotten attitudes, impatience, and to harbor resentments.
     He would like to find all the places where you are vulnerable and he plans to thrust deeply.
     Praise God!! If you have met the King of Glory, you have One in you Who is far greater. Even though you know it, it is seldom brought to mind.
     We don't have to be had by the battle, just mindful of it. We fight by resting!
      As I have said so often, our Lord is not a cheap Lord. He is found by those who seek Him, not by those who only wear crosses and listen to Christian music. He is serious about this all or nothing business.
     The enemy is primarily into distraction, division, and torture. The Bible tells us that our personal Savior calls to attention, unites and heals.
     Develop a heavenly habit - when you know you are not at peace, stop and ask God for Wisdom. He who is Wisdom will call you by name and let you see what is really going on!
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