Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

     People have curious standards for each other. God has only one standard - Himself!
     There is no need to clean up the act in order to come to Christ. A man does not need to have political enlightenment, someone who is gay doesn't have to be straight, the crook doesn't have to give the money back first - there is not one single thing that a person can do to get better or to put himself in order to meet God.
     God will take care of all that.
     Oh, if only Christians realized this today, there might be much less foolish energy spent on preaching against singled out sins, and more preaching about the open arms of Christ.
     He is able. He is able! There isn't anything that is going to horrify Him or drive Him away.There is no secret so dark that the Savior cannot save.
     How we must remember that the Bible says that "whosoever will, may come!"
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