Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

       We have a baby about to be born in our house. He may come in the next few hours, but he most certainly will be here within the next couple of days.
     What an event. Another person. Someone to love, to train, and my most important part in his life will be the standing before the Lord to be taught my responsibility in prayer for him.
     Can you imagine what the New Birth means in heaven? What kind of event would make the angels rejoice? Many times we are just a little too ho-hum about one who has been born from above.
     It is a monumental occasion, and the Bible says it is marked in heaven as an occasion for exuberance.
     The new believer needs attention. He needs to be trained  ( pointed to Bible study, memorization and prayer - encouraged to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit) but most of all he needs to be prayed for. He needs those who will intercede for him, and see him through and never quit the prayer support.  
      I am committed to this little man who is about to explode into our lives. I won't stop paying attention to him or praying for him when he seems to be functioning on his own. Neither can we cease supporting and protecting in prayer the specific individuals given to us by God to love and carry.
     May the Lord grant us vision to see the need to obey the Word and carry our spiritual children in our hearts in the same way the Apostle Paul did. I am not worthy of that comparison, but I want deeply to be available to the clear challenge in God's Word. 
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