Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

       If you want to be warm, you must go near to the fire!
     Many Christians wonder why they cannot seem to get the blessing that so many have had - the assurance and the experience of the closeness of the Lord and the fire of the indwelling Holy Spirit.
     I have had many seasons in my life when I have felt that I needed to have my coals stoked, and have aggressively gone after things I knew would make me tender toward the things of the Lord.
     I have found myself in deep need of help in times of discouragement and in times when other believers have been actively out to cause hurt. These are times when I have reached for the stories of and by the "dead guys". I call them that because they are the saints who have left behind any possibility of having a "normal" life and have advanced with abandon into His service.
     I find that as I read, the cracks in my heart are filled in. I am reminded of the many who have gone before and found God to be more than faithful. I am reminded tat my little inconvenience is nothing compared to the suffering that has been eagerly endured by so many.
     Oh Lord, please do whatever it takes to make me a soldier of the Cross. I beg you to take this life and use it to reveal that you are a Rewarder of those who seek you.
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