Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        As I walked through the halls of the music building today I spotted a poster advertising the two "aspects" of Hinduism. I dare say one would never see a poster on the wall advertising the delights of the New Birth.
     Why is it that those who have never met Jesus are so riled by talk about Him, when the same folks might stare right at a new age poster and not even notice it at all? So often biblical references are offensive, whereas alluding to something from the Koran is considered sophisticated.
     Why is it?
     It is because only Jesus can answer the questioning heart in such a way that there is an immediate confrontation. The one touched by Jesus must have more of Him or reject what could be in order to keep things the way they are.
     Every person is created with a place that must acknowledge the true God in one way or another. We know that from Romans.
     Of course the Gospel and the smell of invitation to Christ make people uncomfortable. The natural man recoils from the Truth. So did I.
     I looked for that "place" to be filled or satisfied or touched with just about anything - anything but unsophisticated, dead Jesus. I didn't need more information - my parents had been missionaries and I knew all the right answers.
     But I'll tell you right now that when I just glanced His way for a few seconds, He touched me. And I have never been the same. I didn't have to change to be good enough, and I didn't have to read another book. I just had to be available. I didn't hear another opinion or philosophical speech.
     But I did fall to my knees, knowing that the Savior of Calvary didn't ignore me just because I ignored Him, and at that moment, I began to know Love.
     He came to live in me, and He is never leaving.
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