Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        It is so easy to think that God could use me more effectively if I were not so riddled with weakness.    
     Am I the only one who falls into this way of thinking?
     How often I have heard someone say "He would be such a great soul winner because he has such a way with people." or "with his connections, if he were a Christian, think how much would get done!"
     When we examine the servant in God's Word, we see that the Lord calls to the heart of the one who will be available and be willing to be stretched without having to know why.
     The Bible teaches me that God will operate through my weakness to show Himself strong. He will bring about the same result as he would if I did not have those same weaknesses. That is because I can do nothing, and He is the one doing the doing, anyway     
     To say that those who are the most gifted or talented would make the most effective servants is to deny that only God can do the work of God.
     Throughout human history, God has used those who were willing.
     Are you willing?
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