Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

       Contentment leads to Godly gain!
That is what the Bible says. I must accept the thing that God has chosen to bring to me or to bring me into.
     In talking with women all over the world, I have found that the only ones who are happy are those who have found their contentment in Jesus, and have learned not to try to find contentment in their personal situations.
     This is one of the great dangers of all the Christian programs on marriage. It is absolutely unscriptural to expect your mate to work things out with you. It may happen, and that will give you a measure of comfort. But the real truth is that God intends to have us learn to be living sacrifices in whatever situation we find ourselves.
     We have forgotten the power of contentment because we have been seduced by psychology. It is time to return to the beautiful truth that we are aliens here, and our home is heaven.
     We are not here for long. But while we are, let's learn to submit, and allow the Lord to teach us divine contentment.
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