Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

       I heard a most remarkable story around twenty years ago.
     A friend of mine was an old Maine house mover, and he had been hired by a fellow to move his house out to Peak's Island.
     My friend (Joe) said the guy was a real jerk, and tried to tell him all the ins and outs of how to move the house. The house was a good sized one, and a special barge was brought in to transport it.
     Joe was a careful planner, and his customer was very antsy. He pressed and pressed, and tried to get Joe to hurry. He had someone coming, and really wanted to get this house on the island.
     So, the big day came. Joe has said he would start at nine or so, and had several reasons - letting the fishing vessels get out first, the condition of the water, visibility, etc. The customer was not happy, because he was eager to get it going a few hours earlier, even though there was some risk involved.
     Joe arrived at the barge dock about twenty minutes late - there had been an accident and he was delayed. But there he was. And as he looked across the water, he could see the barge floating across the bay, with the customer desperately trying to man the controlling gear.
     Can you believe it? The guy just couldn't wait. He was so impatient that he had the audacity and ignorance to take off without authority, knowledge or expertise.
     Joe said that as he watched, he saw that the huge belts that secured the house to the barge had been inadequately fastened, and suddenly the barge tipped a little and the whole house gently slid into the bay.
     For good.
     Joe said it was one of the happiest day of his life.
     Wasn't the customer an idiot? He reminds me of myself!
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