Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

         The Bible has a lot to say about the hidden things. They are mentioned in several books, and God makes no bones about their value.
       In Isaiah 45, there is an incredible verse about the things that are hidden, and it follows a verse about the light dispelling darkness and valleys being made high while mountains are brought low.
     It would all be to confusing, except that God always allows interpretation through His own Word. Several passages in Isaiah talk about the way being made straight, and the hills and valleys being leveled out.
     This does not mean that the way will be made easy and the most valuable things will be stumbled upon without effort. But it does teach us that in slogging on in the things that seem up and down, God teaches us to look up - to obey and to trust. In so doing, we have the experience supernaturally of living evenly "as unto the Lord."
     Because the Lord so values obedience, when He is allowed to woo His servants into this kind of living, He has placed in the very path that seems so taxing, the great hidden treasures. The same treasures that Paul tell us are " hidden up in Christ Jesus."
      Lord, I know I cannot walk evenly of my own design.Thank you for the Holy Spirit - the " Along-side One." I need you. I want so much to learn to live a life dependent on You, and I want to learn to leave all else behind. Lead me in heaven's stability. I want to look up and walk by faith.
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