Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

       There is something about the lives of the saints that have gone before that make the heart burn. I particularly enjoy autobiographical writings because they are peppered with the original thoughts of the author.
     There is a series put out by the Christian and Missionary Alliance that is
spectacular. The editors have chosen to hear from people who have left security, family, familiarity and have gone to love and serve in places where no one cares but the Lord.
     The missionaries are always simple nobodies - just like you and me. They go where they are called, and they feel fragile, just like you and me. The feel ill-equipped, just like you and me.
      In our culture, there is a great deal of emphasis on being equipped, prepared, and insured - but you won't find that same emphasis in the Bible.
God never won a battle by having the biggest army, or the best weapons, or sneak info on the plans of the enemy. All that had already happened in heaven
     I wonder if we will ever learn?
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