Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

       Don't you find that the people most encouraging to you are those who have been through a few things?
     The thrilling thing about someone's testimony is that it is the story of a blind person who experienced the finding of sight. If the person had been sighted all his life, there would be nothing to hear.
     Everything about the Lord is like that, and in fact it seems to me that all of living by faith has to do with things that are unpleasant to the flesh. That is why the stories of faith are so stimulating - because of the high cost of the reward that comes from waiting on God.
     Even when we are well taught, we still try to wriggle out of whatever feels uncomfortable.
     Oh! I wish I could learn to submit immediately to the Lord when the fiery trial comes! But even though I know better, I still tend to categorize the events of life as good or bad according to my level of suffering.
      O joy that seekest me through pain,
      I cannot close my heart to thee;
      I trace the rainbow through the rain,
      And feel the promise is not vain
      That morn shall tearless be.
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