Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

         Have the backbone to behave according to the Word of God.
     The Bible has a great deal to say about behavior. As a matter of fact, all of the verses about obedience have to do with behavior. We are told what God wants, and then we are told to do it!
     There is not one word in the Word that creates an allowance for the behavior to align with feeling. Rather, God tells us that our feeling and thought all align with His as we obey.
     We sure have managed to turn it around today. The velvetiness of psychology has lured us into listening to the lie - that we must feel right about all that we do.
    That is deceptive nonsense. Most of the time when we are bothered, it is because our rights are infringed upon, or we are afraid they were or will be.
     I WILL learn to be, as in Psalm 91, an observer only, and claim the position that is mine in Christ. The faith walk is not boring! But it does frequently involve choice that is based on "BECAUSE GOD SAID!."
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