Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

       You need to be the giver of grace.
     It doesn't really matter what the other one has done - the Bible says there is not the tiniest excuse to be ungodly or to attempt to balance things ourselves.
     In the shock wave of unkindness or other injustice, the first thing the old nature wants to do is fix it by self-vindication. The problem is that it is unfruitful and forbidden.
     Isn't it interesting that He "opened not His mouth." Of course there is a time for stating the truth, but the believer has One who is Counselor and resides within.
     Oh Lord, I want you to so have me that my first reaction is to yield to you rather than wanting the other one to yield to me. I beg you to change me, and I submit to the surgical knife of the Lover of my soul.
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