Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef


     There is quite a fascination with angels these days. that really bothers me.
     I believe that I had the help of an angel in Poland one year, and I both saw him and spoke with him. Whether or not he was an angel, he helped me out of a life-threatening situation, and he appeared to materialize out a snowbank, and he appeared in a Polish official's uniform, speaking perfect English.
     There were many things that still cause me to think that he was not human, but the bottom line is that he does not capture much of my thought life. While I am aware of the fact that my Heavenly Father send his ministering angels to help me, it is Jesus Who is fascinating to me, and not the angels.
     Whatever church you go to, be careful.
     The angels and the saints are not to be worshiped. Both of these facts are made implicitly clear in the book of Revelation. DO NOT take anyone's word for it. Look it up yourself, and ask God directly.
     Undo interest in the supernatural always begins somewhere else than with Jesus. The angels watch you with fascination, but the Bible teaches that they are servants of God, and obey His bidding. Turn your attention to the One Who died for you and longs for your attention..
     Why do you think you are reading this right now?
     Jesus is wooing you. Don't be distracted. Turn and look.


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