Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef


     People have been asking lately about healing. There is so much teaching, and often equally adamant preachers take opposite positions on this subject.
     The problem comes in when we do not interpret the Bible literally. When we take the whole Word of God, the Lord always explains Himself.
     The Bible does not say you always have to believe, and then you are healed. That means that as long as someone is totally convinced, he will be guaranteed the change that he thinks he should have. That of course is not scriptural.
     What about Peter's mother? She was dead. What about some of the demoniacs?  What about Paul who asked three times for some kind of healing and was told no?
     We are much too eager to harness the sovereignty of God.
     What does the Bible really teach? That God does heal. We are told to ask (James). We know that in the gospels, people were healed because someone interceded.There are healings all over the place, and there are clear times when God has something far better in mind.
     If anyone is telling you that you will be healed if you have enough faith, they don't know the Bible very well, and they certainly are not intimate with God.
     I have experienced divine healing, and I know a number of dramatic stories that are documented.
     We can and should ask. But the far more important posture is to thankfully submit to the plan of the One Who knows what is best far better than we.


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