Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef


      It is so easy for your world to become very small. The problems that seem to overwhelm you are not the major tragic happenings but rather the little picky things that relate to other picky things, and they get under the skin of the soul like splinters.
     These soul splinters are a tremendous gift of grace from the Lord. These are the times when one must gather up and declare to the Lord a commitment to obey ALL the time. These are the times when the Holy Spirit must be heeded and sin must be confessed.
     It doesn't really matter how thorny the other fellow is - if you have a soul splinter, you need to get right. Let the Lord examine the other's flaws.
      When catastrophe comes, it is not so hard to cry to the Lord. We know we have a right, and the heart cramps until the mouth calls to the Father. But soul splinters are more subtile, and it takes a different spiritual gumption to take God at His Word.
      Lord, I want so much to be available to be used in whatever way may seem unglamorous to me. Teach me to run to you as a first reaction to all circumstances.


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