Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

         You must not let anyone use you as a gossip depository.
       Gossip is one of satan's most effective ways to divide Christians. In addition to creating divisions, it seems to me that the spirits that serve the enemy are empowered when believers talk against each other. An open way is made for evil, and when you listen to things against a brother, if you are alert you notice that you never see him the same again.
       If my spiritual assessment of someone is based on what I have been told, then I have no spiritual discernment. There is sight that the Holy Spirit gives, and if it is necessary that I know a brother's fault or stumbling history, it will be revealed in a way that is creative and not through the mouth of a human third party.
      Oh fellow believers! I beg you today - when anyone begins to tell you the "scoop" on another believer, please change the subject. Do whatever you must do. If the gossiper is offended, the Lord will attend to him. But you must make sure that you are not a little satellite dish for the whisperings of our enemy.
     Do not participate in the throwing of your brother to the one who
"roams about, seeking whom he may devour".
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