Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

Daily Devotional


      I heard a great preacher say once that if he always addressed his sermons to hurting people, the whole congregation would be receptive.
     One of the things that seems to bother people the most when they are trying to find God rationally instead of spiritually is that the world is so full of hurt and pain. The comment is always, "So because there is so much pain and cruelty and suffering, there can't possibly be a caring and personal God."
     That thinking is a way of getting off the hook, but of course, there really is cruelty and what seems to be unending human suffering. The bumps and heartaches of life are not imagined - they are very real.
     Like the Bible says, His ways are higher than my ways, and his thoughts are higher than my thoughts. But I know one thing for sure - the contrast we see daily between tragedy and everything else, draws us away from tragedy. And of course, it is only death or the fear of it that compels us to think about it.
     According to the Bible, the heavenly experience awaiting the believer far surpasses our imaginations. If God is able to do these things,He certainly can more than eternally reward those who have suffered unfairly in this life.
     It wasn't until I met Him that this occurred to me. As I got to know Him, I began to perceive just a little of His great hatred for imbalance and injustice. There will come a season when we will see Him provide the balance.
     In the meantime, I know that hurt turns the attention to the One Who is fair - to the One Who is never moody - to the One Who loves beyond measure and without condition - to the One Who gave His own life to redeem us. I trust Him.
            "Then He will cover you with His pinions and under His wings shall you trust and find refuge. His truth and faithfulness are a shield and a buckler."

           Psalm 91:4       (Amplified)