Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

Daily Devotional

      Have you noticed that most people you know have remembered their lives by the things that have happened to them?  Young or old, the human being is a recording machine of events, both good and bad.
     Many Christians try to live out the Christian life in the same way they lived before they experienced the new birth; event to event - tension to release, and then the cycle begins again. Only this time, they are older.
     So the great hunt is on for the Will of God! God's will is sought as an inoculation against the daily events that are unbearable and would create endurance. His will is referred to all the time as the anti-mistake plan, and the "path" that will guarantee the end to the old tension and release cycle.
     Funny... the Bible doesn't say anything about God leading the believer away from trauma or heartache or ruined reputation or personal misunderstanding. It says nothing about any guarantee of "success". After all, wasn't the Cross a public failure? The vindication of the public event was and is private - in the humanly unwatched tomb, and today in the heart of every sinner who will receive Him.
     Yes, the Bible offers something very different than the template most are seeking today. Jesus said, " And this is the will of the Father, that ye know Him who He has sent. "
     The Bible offers Jesus.