Daily Devotional

      I have just returned home from a well-worth it, but grueling symphony concert. (I am a bassoonist.) It was a remarkable concert, and I am drenched, and cross-eyed and hungry.
     Our guest performer tonight was a violinist who is probably the most famous living and still performing violinist. He was incredible. He has hands the size of New York, and he has a technique that lets him scramble up and down the finger board with lightening speed and accuracy.
     But it was not his technique or his profound musical knowledge and concert experience that made the performance so riveting I could hardly breathe. It was the flow that he tapped into. He was saying something that cannot be said in words.
     He has a handicap. Many years ago, I was at a party where he was a guest. Actually there were only six guests at the party, and there was an open ended opportunity to ask questions. After answering my question about his unusual left arm position by explaining that his fly had been open during the concert, he began talking about his childhood.
     He said that as a child he had been confined to a wheelchair, and had nothing challenging but the violin. He practiced many hours a day, after which he switched hands, and practiced backwards for entertainment .
     I believe the confinement he experienced can be heard in his music. He found an expression in the confinement, and continued to explore, grow, and appropriate discipline.
     You have a handicap. Everyone does. God is a fair God. Yours may not be visible, and you may not even know what it is. But I couldn't help but think tonight about the flow that exists for us to tap into - the flow of creativity and life.
     Do you really understand that you really have a living Savior who is calling you beyond the realm of what you consider to be freedom? Submit your confinement to the Lover of Your Soul. Do it outloud. Do it now. No one will hear but Him. He knows about your handicap, and He knows about your confinement. He would like to sing through you and use your life. In His economy your handicap is more useful than you ever imagined.
     Tell Him now. Tell Him you are willing to give your handicap and your confinement to Him.
     Let Him use you to reveal heaven.
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