Daily Devotional

     It is interesting that when someone makes a fabulous medical discovery, the news announcers always herald the event by stating that now, many lives will be "saved".
     That really isn't true, is it. The simple truth is that everyone is going to die, and no one will be spared that experience except those who will be living in Him when He comes to claim His own.
     The real truth is that some lives will be prolonged and then they will die.
     Do you understand?
     That is why those who have given their lives to Christ can say that they are "saved". They have really been saved. They have been spared the "second death" - the chosen eternal destiny of all who reject Christ in this life.
     We will all cash out and have to account before the Eternal and Mighty Judge. He is fair, omnipotent, and pulls no punches. He is so loving, that He came in the flesh to die in our stead, so that we could be spared the second death.
     Do you think for a minute that He will waver and weaken and say "well, ok, just this once" ? Of course not. The Bible says that those who have rejected him will get a fair trial. There will be a confrontation and an accounting. It will be the "White Throne Judgment" of Revelation. Those who are in Christ will have a separate judgment, and will have to account for every word they have spoken (two specific biblical references) and all else.
     Medicine doesn't spare lives. Grace does. Grace died on the cross, and offered LIFE to anyone who wants it. The fact is, that those who want it must accept it on God's terms.
     These are His terms: bite the bullet. Admit that you are not perfect. The Bible calls imperfection sin. Psychology may not like the term, but when you are standing before the amazing God of the universe in heaven's courtroom, you will not even care what psychologists thought. You will only care about what you did with His Word.
     Quit being cool. Follow the program.
     Give your life to Christ and live!
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