Daily Devotional

      I am amazed that believers fall into some of the same traps of living that the rest of the world does. For example, while recreation is good and even necessary, it is not a requirement of a healthy life to have to have "time for yourself."
     People who love me are frequently telling me that I need to rest more, and they are right. I won't deny that. But many other folks offer (unsolicited) advice that I need "time for myself."
     That certainly is the philosophy of this era, isn't it!  Even when the desperate need is so obvious, I need "time for myself."  
     It is not about what I need. It is about the plight of a lost world and a message of love that needs to be spread. It is about the Word of God being "rightly divided."   It is about salvation.
     My life is time for myself and I choose how to spend it. Does time for myself mean I must seek out hours during which I indulge in the false illusion that my favorite things to do are essential to my makeup?
     How can that standard hold up if tomorrow I am placed in a concentration camp? Must I learn a whole new standard of evaluating my life? What ever will I do?
     When a fireman sees a blazing building with people in danger does he consider as a priority "time for himself"?
     What does the Bible say? It says "in season and out of season". I cannot tell you how grateful I am that the Apostle Paul did not consider it important to have "time for himself". Time for prayer, yes. But not time to lavish and splash in his own existence.     
     When the day of judgment comes, the standard by which I will be measured will most definitely NOT be the manner in which I cared for myself.  But rather it will be, am I under the Blood ?- have I accepted (deliberately) the gift offered by the Prince of Glory in His death on the cross?
     Then my works will be burned. And whatever remains unscathed will be those things valued by God.
     Oh Lord, take my life, and make me a living sacrifice.
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