Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

Daily Devotional

        The needs of the world are so great and the plight so serious that one could be completely overwhelmed and give up.
     I am reminded constantly that Jesus loved one person at a time. He spoke one word at a time, and put one foot in front of the other. Yes, He died for all, and today He loves all at the same time, but it is still personal and individual.
     Those people who plunge into help campaigns in an effort to help vast masses of people often burn out and get lost in the inability to effectively deal with even one.
     What a miracle that the Son of God could rescue so many. You will never meet a Christian who has been born from above who feels like he has a "lick and a promise" God. Our Lord is thorough and personal, and He is that way with each one who seeks Him out.
     Our little pea brains don't cross the chasm that separates our ways from His ways, and much too often we run to display valiant rescue, only to impale ourselves on the need.   We must carefully take in the Word of God, prepare prayerfully and go forward, loving and serving one person at a time.
     God cares greatly about the individual. If He lives in you, He wants to initiate through you - to individuals.
     One minute at a time.
     One person at a time.
     One step at a time.      
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