Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        Teenagers are something else, aren't they?
     As a bassoonist, I have taught teenagers in private lessons for thirty-four years. I am close to most of my students, and most of them begin with me in the sixth or seventh grade and continue until they finish high school. I have seen a lot, and know many secrets!
     Dear troubled mother, I have a word for you today - don't decide you know in what direction your child is headed. Just be a godly example. Be on your knees interceding for your child. Of course he is headed for some heartache - weren't you? Could you have learned anything if someone had told you what to do and you had simply done it all the time?
     Trust the Lord for your teen's future. A young eagle must fall and break its beak several times. Each time the beak is broken it grows back stronger until finally, it is strong enough to carry the food the eagle needs to live when he is large and flies great distances.
     Our children need to know that we have given them over to the One who really knows what is going on, and who holds the future. They need to see parents who are secure in Jesus, not constantly frightened by the world.
     Hold yourself back from anger and do not be afraid you have lost your child. He is the same person he was ten years ago, but his method of testing has changed. He sees more, but he thinks he sees it all.
     He still needs you. He needs your gaze to be on Jesus. He needs a million fresh starts. He needs to not be able to manipulate you, and to know that your life is stable because of Jesus. He needs to know your standards are not man-made. He needs firmness - not rage and panic
     We all see things at different ages. You need to see Jesus. Pray daily, outloud. Memorize a verse. Get a real perspective, and you will have wisdom. As time passes, your children will inherit your availability to wisdom.. These things often come after much foolishness, but no depth ever came to anyone who didn't err.
     The Rock of Ages hasn't crumbled. He sees the situation, and offers you an audience with Him.
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