Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        Jesus loves me, this I know,
      For the Bible tells me so......

      Do you really know today that Jesus loves you?   I know you have been taught that, but do you know it enough to rely on it?
      All of the promises of God are based on His love for us. It is intense and personal, and the Bible says his heart is "ravished " when we think of Him. What a sensitive, tender, listening, eager Lover of the Soul He is, and yet we so seldom enjoy this great truth.
     Ever since I gave my life to Christ I have been stunned that the One who willingly went to Calvary and gave Himself a ransom for many, personally loves me. It isn't piggy to enjoy His attention - after all, He said that underneath me are "The Everlasting Arms". That is quite a statement.
     What does this mean on a practical basis?
     The call to intimacy with Him never wanes. We need to respond to the fact of His love with honesty - in private with Him. We need to pray outloud. We need to tell Him (outloud) about our desire to obey - our longing to see Him more clearly - and we need to plead that He will change us to be more like Him.
      I John says that we will " be like Him because we will see Him as He really is."
      We can see Him now. We can walk with Him now. But He is not a cheap God. The personal experience of His presence does not come in the fireworks of a church service, but rather in the quiet moments when we are honest before Him.
     You must pray outloud. If you do not, there can be only the most minute prayer. Thoughts are aimed and swirled, but rarely really presented to Him until they are spoken.
     I like to stand and pray. My back hurts when I kneel and it is distracting. For me, standing is also appropriate to the situation.
     Very few people really pray with consistency. It comes at a price. All hell comes against it, so most folks never break through the membrane.
      He whose name is "The Word" is listening.
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