Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        The sovereignty of God means that God is free. He is not limited by anything or anyone, and there are no boundaries placed on Him. He is the setter of the limits and boundaries.
     Big problems are not harder for God than little things. When asked for rescue, He doesn't hold His head in His hands and look distressed if the bill is huge or the illness terminal. He isn't put off by your past history or anyone else's. He is the great transformer.
Satan does nothing except God allows him. God does not depend exclusively on natural law, the political system, or bookkeepers to do His work for Him.  Some preachers today would have us spend more energy to try to get the lost to act saved than we spend on learning to rely on God.
     It's pretty easy to run out and join a cause or bounce along on a march, but it is quite a different thing to choose to rest your whole being on what God has said. It is also much easier to run around in circles and complain about the things that happen than it is to turn the inner man around to look at the fact that nothing is out of God's control.
     This understanding has its most significant display when we don't gripe and carry on - about anything. Anything.
 Pray for the president and quite talking against him. Do you accept the weather each day? If God is really sovereign, how can you possible gripe about weather?
     Complaining is the number one way believers show the lack of accepting the sovereignty of God.
     He is attentive. He is watching and listening. He is rushing to your aid.
                 Got any rivers you think are uncrossable?
                 Got any mountains you can't tunnel through?
                 God specializes in things thought impossible.

                 He does the things others cannot do.
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