Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

     It is easy to forget that we have an active and angry enemy - one who is 'like a roaring lion, roaming about, seeking whom he may devour."   
     Most Christians would agree with the above statement, and could probably correctly expound on it a little bit. But isn't it true that when satan shoots his holograms at us, we cringe and howl and flee - the very behavior that we want him from him!
     It seems that although well taught, when the enemy strikes, all we are aware of is the way we feel, what the other guy has done, how much money there isn't, and how bleak things look.
     Why don't we recognize what is happening more quickly?
     Because the supernatural is not known by teaching - it is known by recognition. When believers learn to recognize Jesus and develop a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, then we discern the enemy because his lies projected on us are so opposed to the personality of the One we seek intensely.
     Of course there must be accurate teaching - "rightly dividing the Word of Truth", but without private intense pressing heaven to see Jesus, we are but big fat sails, set to move with whatever puffs on us.
     There is no excuse for Christians who have been "born from above" to have problems with temper, untruth, jealousy, or worry. Unfortunately, these things are normal for many, and not even recognized as fiery darts of the enemy of God.
     The Word must be memorized, hymns of the faith should be sung loudly, and prayer must be outloud and deliberate.
     Lord Jesus, teach me to recognize you. I will pay any price - I know you are able to transform me. I long to be a vigilant soldier in the army of the King of Kings!              
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