Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        What do we have to lose by sharing the gospel?
      I love the familiar phrase "in season and out of season." It means to be eager and available always and not depending on our human assessment of appropriate times.
     My human nature wants to share with folks when the atmosphere is such that I think I will be well received. If I am pretty sure the hearer is not responsive, my tenancy will be to assume that the effort has been inappropriately timed and I will sting. That, of course, is about me, and not the one in need.
      The real truth is that only the Lord knows when the real openings are When my heart is clean (confessed up to date) and I am praying for the lost, God will use my mouth even if it seems to be an off-time. Someone else's response to me is not important - it is his response to God that counts.
     The damage comes when Christians whose hearts have not been humbled before the Lord that day preach at someone about a Savior they haven't gazed at for a good long time. Nothing is fresh, and the spiel is out of tune.
     We must be like John who says as a preface to his sharing"...Whom we have touched with our own hands. . and gazed upon with our own eyes. . ."
     Lord, please make me changeable and do whatever it takes to train me away from the approval of men. Take my mouth and use it to your glory.
Open up to me the Word and use my faculties to reach a desperate, desperate world.
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