Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        I need to love the Lord enough to tell you the truth, and not always what you want to hear. As soon as I begin telling you only things that please you, our relationship rides on the balance of your responses.
     I am so grateful that God says it like it is. He says it creatively, tenderly, even wooingly. But He never compromises out of softness.
     He may withhold something for a time , but it is never out of fear of my disapproval - only Divine, creative timing.
     I am a weak little human, but the One Who rose from the dead lives in me, and that means that He is always working to prepare me for heaven.  So as I seem to stumble my way through, He is always putting before me a little more than I can comfortably do.
     The same thing happens in relationships. Our good friendship must be based not on frankness (that is something altogether different) but on my tongue answering with the light of God's Word as I am able.
     If you are interested in the same thing, we have fellowship one with another!
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