Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef


                        God's Word is More Real
                         Than the Way that You Feel!

      Lots of folks don't like to hear this because it means that there is a personal stretch that must take place.
     I am not saying that feeling has no value, but I am saying that when resentment, worry, fear, jealousy, anger and laziness fog us in, there should be immediate action. Those feelings are often sprayed on us by the enemy in the form of emotional holograms, and the appropriate scriptural thing to do is to take an opposite action - move away from the feeling that would easily beset us,
     There should be vigorous pressing in the direction of graciousness when resentment pounds the thoughts. A conscious longing for wisdom must replace anger. Stepping out in faith because of what God has said must be done even while the fears still stir.
     Provided there is no known sin and we are in private fellowship with the Lord and public fellowship with His Body, we must use our faculties to DO WHAT GOD HAS SAID, no matter how we feel. There is nothing in the Word about changing my feelings before I obey by dedicating myself each day as a living sacrifice.
     That is what the Bible says!

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