Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

Discouragement is pretty insidious and usually feels like it can't be shaken. It settles in like an ocean of peanut butter and makes us feel isolated and helpless. The mountain is just too steep to climb.
     The Bible says some specific things about discouragement. It says to straighten up and behave in a manner that physically represents that we know we have a God Who is active on our behalf.
     There is a basic message of "take up your bed and walk!" all through the Word, with the most famous passages in Joshua and Hebrews.
      A change in perspective is needed. Do the following:
      Go into the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror. Remind yourself outloud that you have been born again. You know it can't be taken back, so you must go forward. Say these things outloud.
 Sing one stanza of "Jesus Loves Me". You won't feel foolish. The Holy Spirit will stir your heart in such a way that you won't believe it.
     The Bible says David "encouraged himself in the Lord." You must do the same thing. If you were the only believer in the world, God would still honor His promise. and He is going before, just like He said He would.
      "Underneath are the Everlasting Arms."
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