Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef


Letters to one often ill

     Life is a battle and always will be; we wouldn't wish it to be otherwise. But I don't like pain for you, or overtiredness. I can only ask Him to fill your cup so full of joy that it will flow over the tiredness, even as it did for Him when He sat by the well.

     I am troubled about your sore throat and fever. I understand your perplexity. Why was Paul recaptured after being set free? Surely the Church had need of him? I often wonder so little is said of what must have been so terribly disappointing and perplexing.
     But all our problems are open to Him and all will fit into His plan. In the end we shall see that what seems so hindering does not hinder but helps.
     Now be at rest. This illness is not your doing. It is Satan's and Satan can't chain the least of us without a word of permission from Him, and why He gives it we shall know one day. So let us claim again the blessing of the unoffended.

             Amy Carmichael