Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef


 At the ripe old age of fifty-one, I claim the privilege of stating some of the things that I see in the world.
     One of the distressing phrases I hear from people my age is "I just don't have time. . . "
     Well, in my experience, most folks are spending their lives desperately zooming to the thing that makes them feel the most numb from eternal responsibility and they are looking for artificial stimulation.
     What people really mean when they claim "no time" is   "I am giving you a reading of my priorities."
     There are folks within a few minutes of you, and they are dying. They are in nursing homes, and they need someone to hold their hands and to love them. . . .
     "I don't have time."
     I cannot tell you how many kids are wandering the streets in need of a stable adult to offer a hand, a meal, and a look in the eye. . .
     "I don't have time."
     There is a book that you need to study that tells of the One Who made you and all around you. . .
     "I don't have time."
     The One Who hung the stars in their places would like to hear from you. . .
      "I  would like to pray, really, really I would, but I am so busy, and the children awaken early in the morning, and my husband needs a lunch, and then by that time I am so tired. . ."

     When you stand before Him someday, and you look Him in the eye, and you see the incredible depth of Love, what will you say then? He is going to tell you that He created TIME so that you could spend it as He asked you to.
     That confrontation is coming. I doubt if He will say to me "Well done, thou good and faithful servant", because I so often fail and settle for shallow things.
     But I do know that I will not get away with using the excuse that "I didn't have time". . . I had it, and I spent it.