Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef


  As a university professor, I must know "stuff". I stand for an hour or so at a time, and I must impart organized information to students who might or might not be interested.

     One of the skills that I constantly need is the ability to stimulate the student to the point of reaching out and appropriating for himself the information I am trying to teach him. I also must hoot and holler and gesture in ways that keep the student awake and persuade him that there might be something to hear.

     Being taught by the Lord is nothing like that. He has given us the Holy Spirit, and one of the ministries of the Holy Spirit is to reveal. When something is revealed to you, first you are watching, and then something in the way is removed and the thing is revealed.

     Concepts and lofty theories are pretty useless to God, because He is in the business of taking the issues that are most complex to the human mind and making them simple.

    Heaven's thoughts, as a matter of fact, are so simple that often a child or a retarded person can grasp them more quickly than the rest of us. These thoughts of God's are deep, and they reveal Him.

     God reveals to those who are available. No amount of straining the brain or knowing "stuff" will let me see the Lord. But I will look up, and I will expect Him!.