Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef


     We are never likely to be under the curse that comes when all men speak well of us. In this case it is all so unexpected that we must keep low before our God and not wonder 'why?' Faith never wonders why.
     Just now the word I am saying over and over to myself is 'being reviled, we bless '. That whole passage in I Corinthinas 4 is speaking deep to me, for we are on the scrap-heap now, utterly and entirely, perhaps for the first time in our life. And I do think it is much easier to enjoy in prospect than in reality, ' Let my good name go hang, if only Christ be glorified." Yes, that's it.
     Aren't you glad that we need never stop loving? We may be disappointed, but love can go on. Only of course one can't depend in the old way. I think God lets such things happen partly that we may learn to discern. I find that difficult where I love, but one has to learn that lesson. Our dear Lord loved, but He did not commit Himself to all, for 'He knew what was in man'. Sometimes we, who do not know, do what He did not do and suffer for it.
   There are times when spiritual discernment is the chief gift of the Spirit. The praised and made-much-of seldom have it. But those who have suffered the loss of all things, even their reputations - these, if they live with their Lord, have this gift.

                                Amy Carmichael (You can buy her book at the store!)