Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

      The raising and training of children has taken an unfortunate turn in the last fifty years in that parents are following the advice of experts instead of being taught by older men and women.
     Even when I was a girl, I remember the old Norwegian women of our church (boy! could they ever bake!) talking to groups of young mothers after church. They talked about everything from toilet training to the value of well-timed spankings and washing the mouth out with soap.
     When I was a girl, there was no such thing as "time out." That came from the experts and television. It was called punishment. I knew it wasn't some kind of little break because I needed to contemplate, but rather that I needed to think hard about the fact that I was being punished.
    I  am grateful that my mother was more concerned about my training than she was that I would like her. She was consistent. She was firm, and she could not be argued with.
     We do have one series of great baby books at the store, but most of the books on the training of children are included in books written by older women, and they contain the good old-fashioned advice - the same kind of instruction contained in the Bible.
     Are you distressed by what you see in young people today? Why not consult the manual sent to you be the manufacturer?