Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef


      I am often accused of having a lot of energy.
      It isn't so.   
      I am quite busy: I am a pastor's wife, I have the business, and teach at the University of Southern Maine, and play in the Portland Symphony and other musical organizations, and am a fulltime law school student (2nd yr).
      If I stop to think about it, I am usually incredibly tired.
      But I have only one life. It isn't that I want to get a lot of things done in order to claim the time was well-spent. It is that there is desperate need everywhere.
      It is 11:20 pm, and I have just come home. I am doing this devotional because I cannot comfortably go up to bed without expressing to you that I have found Jesus to be real and to be the Rock of Ages.
     This isn't energy, it is the Holy Spirit. The awareness of the need of the world to see Jesus is supernatural, and that is the vision that drives the committed believer.
      In a year and a half, law school will be over, and hopefully, I will pass the bar exam. I am fifty-one, so I can see the day coming when I will not be able to travel all over the world to play my bassoon. Any number of things could happen to relieve the schedule or change my personal circumstances.
      No matter what the setting, I have decided to spend my life telling as many listeners as possible that in spite of my complete unbelief, Jesus reached out to me twenty-three years ago. He is real. He is really, really real.. The world needs so desperately to know that.
      If there were an earthquake near you and you could hear voices, would you be occupied with your rest and retirement? Or would you begin to pull away rocks? Would you give much thought to your bleeding hands? Could you possibly take a bubble bath and watch a movie after hearing a buried plea for help?
     Me either.
       Lord Jesus, please take this life, and use it in any way you can to honor Yourself, and to reach a lost world. Change in me those things that must change in order to make me pliable and useful to your purposes. I want to learn not to count the cost, but to be easily used, easily moved, and easily changed. I want to be like you.